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2023 Pride Month

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

PRRIIIIIIDDDDEE! Yes…say it with some umph…with joy and authority! It means so many things and brings an array of emotions to different groups of people. When I think of pride, I think of courage, respect, strength, authenticity, and pure happiness. I think of the accomplishments made from struggle and the self-celebration that is had from the triumph, whether it’s myself or someone else. Being proud of who you are is honorable. On the cusp of pride month, these feelings resonate even more.

What is Pride Month?

Pride month, from June 1st through the 30th, is a dedication and commemoration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA+) pride. This month honors the movement of LGBTQIA+ rights alongside vibrant celebrations of their culture. It’s about safe space, expression, vulnerability, acceptance, and love, but to me, freedom. Freedom to just be and exist as you are with no filters especially for those who struggle to do so in their everyday environments. With so many same-sex couples expanding their families, it’s increasingly important for their children to see alternative families as well.

Pride month usually elicits a ying-yang effect where high support is driven from straight counterparts who come out and get involved. It’s a time of reflection, education, and awareness. Pride flag colors are flown high, even worn in many instances, and everyone has a good time, together.

How to Incorporate Kids

(1) Pick an event. Pride month boasts numerous events that are family friendly. The events usually incorporate activities for everyone but of course, make sure it’s age appropriate.

(2) You could learn more about an LGBTQIA+ organization, volunteer or even donate. There are many great organizations that are dedicated to LGBTQIA+ causes such as The Trevor Project, GLSEN, and the It Gets Better Project.

(3) Get crafty. Get on Pinterest, pull out your paper, crayons, markers, and scissors. Be creative and do some pride-themed art.

(4) Read a book! There’s an increasing array of engaging children’s books with great stories and lessons around pride. A few of my favorites are Butterfly Skies, Love Makes a Family, and Julian is a Mermaid.

There’s really no limit to the things you can do and how to approach different topics. My spouse and I have young kids, so we usually do one or two things, but we make it a point to include them because we feel it’s important. We want our kids to be proud of who they are and to understand that differences are what make us all unique. Differences are what makes the world so beautiful.

Get in Touch!

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